Technical analysis of ETH/USD for 18/11/2019:

Crypto Industry News:Director of the US Financial Crime Agency (FinCEN) Kenneth Blanco said anti-money laundering (AML) laws will be strictly enforced in the cryptocurrency world.Financial media said Blanco made it clear that cryptocurrency companies involved in monetary services would have…

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The Commodity/Cryptocurrency Evolution is Upon Us

A schism took place in the perception of the technology itself, widening the gap between two of its primary attributes: blockchain vs. digital currency … A few governments were willing to regulate cryptocurrency speculation and investment; even fewer embraced them….

All You Need To Know About Cryptocurrency

Trading overseas or between two different localities had to be made possible. Yes, we do have wireless money transfer through banks and other mobile cloud services, but cryptocurrency … of tokens or coins. And Bitcoin is the famously known kind….

Indian Government Stalls on Cryptocurrency Ban Draft Bill

However, all of that changed when a local tech … of or use Cryptocurrency in the territory of India,” it summarizes. Although the bill doesn’t propose a ban on blockchain technology …However, all of that changed when a local tech…