July 2018

The Cryptocurrency Insurance Business Is Booming

What is the next step when you have a speculative asset whose value may go to zero  (or $250,000 ) in the near future? Why start writing insurance policies on it, of course!  That’s the line of logic employed in the world of cryptocurrencies, as the newly formed crypto insurance business is booming.

Blockchain Cyber-Defense Startup Sues Investor After Partnership Talks Sour

Last year, after founding a startup that uses blockchain technology to protect against cyberattacks, three University of Maryland students behind Gladius Network LLC went looking for investors.Through their lawyer at the firm Paul Hastings, they met the head of an Israeli marketing firm, who would connect them to Krypton Blockchain Holdings, the Ukrainian company focusing on investments in startups that use blockchain technology. At Gladius, the three founders were optimistic about a possible partnership, and the feeling appeared to be shared, according to court papers. The company’s technology promised to deflect so-called denial-of-service attacks, redirecting malicious web traffic across a decentralized network of computers.Less than a year later, negotiations have fallen through and the two sides have found themselves engulfed in a contract dispute playing out in Washington’s federal district court. Gladius, represented by Winston & Strawn, on Monday sued Krypton.

Bitcoin billionaire Brock Pierce wants to transform Puerto Rico into a crypto paradise

At 37, Brock Pierce is a billionaire. And he has chosen storm-ravaged Puerto Rico as his new home.”Puerto Rico has the possibility now to be put on the map as a hub of innovation,” he told Foreign Correspondent. “And the pleasure of bringing essentially the most innovative industry the world has ever seen to a place that normally wouldn’t have been a hub, that’s a wonderful thing if it works.”Mr Pierce was a child actor in the 1990s, starring in Disney films such as The Mighty Ducks.He went on to invest in video games before making a fortune in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, which jumped from below $US1,000 ($1,346) to nearly $26,932 in 2017, before crashing to a low of $8,887 in April.But Mr Pierce said the technology that made cryptocurrencies possible would change the world.”Has the internet changed our lives? Have mobile phones changed our lives? The blockchain is something that is that transformative,” he said.”But you don’t need to understand it in the same way that you know how your phone works.”

The Case for The Bitcoin ETF

  Setting The Stage Imagine a courtroom and Bitcoin making its way to the podium. Seated on the left side of the room are the bullish advocates; opposite to them are the bearish advocates. As Bitcoin passes the barrier and…

What Will Trump’s Crypto Force Entail?

In an interesting move, the American administration, led by President Trump, announced a new cryptocurrency task force. This move was made via executive order directly from the President. The White House has been growing increasingly concerned with the rise in…

Bitcoin Rises as Biggest Asset Manager Studies Crypto Technology

Bitcoin headed for its largest increase in two weeks on Monday, as BlackRock Inc. became the latest big name to signal an interest in the technology underpinning digital currencies.The biggest crypto-coin advanced 5.5 percent to $6,525 as of 6:51 a.m. in New York, according to composite prices on Bloomberg. Rival coins Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin all climbed at least 5 percent. Bitcoin hasn’t notched a one-day gain of more than 2 percent since July 2.

An Inside Look Into Tether, Legit or Major Scam?

There is a particular mystery relating to this “shady” digital token called Tether. People are asking, does the reported $814 million digital token called Tether actually exist? Is it legit or a major scam? What is its connection with BitFinex,…