5 Best ICOs To Consider This Fall 2018

shutterstock_793304539To say the initial coin offering sector is hot right now would be the understatement of 2018. Companies are raising millions in funding via ICOs. This move to raising funding via an initial coin offering is causing traditional investment firms to launch their own cryptocurrency investment funds to get in on the token sale action.

As an investor, how do you determine which token sales are worth investing in and which are likely to end in agony for those unwise enough to fall for a cryptocurrency scam?

Doing your own due diligence is critical, as is investigating the backgrounds of those offering the ICO. From the advisers offering their expertise to the team behind the token sale, to the domain expertise of those building the company and offering an investment opportunity in their company, savvy investors must make it their mission to fully investigate all elements of a proposed ICO.

To help make your ICO investing easier, we have come up with what we believe are some of the best ICOs for fall of 2018. We have curated a list including not only the website URL where you can find out more information about a token sale, but also use case information and the project vision behind each initial coin offering. Review what we believe to be the five best ICOs for fall 2018 to see if our picks align with your investment thesis.

Whether you are an angel investor looking for your next hot pick or a cryptocurrency enthusiast dipping your toes in the token sale waters, we think you will find our hot picks intriguing and enticing. The future of blockchain and cryptocurrency does indeed look bright thanks to these up-and-coming initial coin offerings.




Project Vision:

Decentralized blockchain-enabled payment solution

Use Case:

– Reduce cryptocurrency concerns for merchants

– Reduce transaction fees for merchants

– Increase PoW (proof of work) accessibility

– Consolidate crypto wallets for consumers

– API (application programming interface) for developers

– Mobile applications for merchants and consumers

– PoS (point of sale) terminal for merchants

– Applications/plugins for existing e-commerce platforms

Problem Being Solved:

Reduce problems incurred by cryptocurrency volatility while providing platform for developers to create dApp solutions for merchants/users

Start Date:

October 2018




Project Vision:

Aftermarket for ICOs

Use Case:

– ICO vetting

– Increased opportunities for investors to discover/invest in premium ICOs

– Preferred pricing for investors

– Opportunity for ICO/token sellers to attract early adopters/premium investors

– Reputation building for investors/sellers

– Historical data on previous ICOs

Problem Being Solved:

Bringing transparency/dependability to ICOs

Start Date:

October 2018





Project Vision:

Decentralize the personal data market

Use Case:

– Allow data holders to profit from/monetize their own data

– Users can be rewarded for receiving marketing messages from brands

– Decentralized ecosystem for brands/consumers to connect

– Consumers can build relationships with brands via GDPR-compliant data

(General Data Protection Regulation)

Problem Being Solved:

Bringing transparency/control to the sale of personal data

Start Date:

August 2018 (private)



ICO: dClinic.io

Project Vision:

Decentralizing patient health care

Use Case:

– Allow patients to control their healthcare data and healthcare treatment

– Allows for shared care between patients and multiple health care providers

– Consumers can profit from their healthcare data

– Reduce patient care costs for health care providers

– Biometric participation with wearables and shared data

– Blockchain-enabled smart contracts

– Verifiable patient data

Problem Being Solved:

Reduce health care expenses while allowing patients greater control of their healthcare data

Start Date: November 2018


LOGO name slogan

ICO: ImpressoLabs.io

Project Vision:

CV/Resume/Profile Validation + Networking/Recruitment DApp

Use Case:

– User Data stored on the blockchain

Employers can validate/verify employment candidate data

– Automatic matching of candidates to opportunities

– Better candidate matching = less employee turnover

– Employer can reduce reliance on recruitment services

– Candidates have increased access to opportunities

– Candidates can monetize their personal data via token rewards

– Easier application process for employment opportunities

– Increased/verifies networking opportunities

Problem Being Solved:

Disjointed recruitment sector with middlemen profiting from candidate/employer data and using the Blockchain to provide validated user data.

Start Date:

Private Sale  in October & Pre-ICO in November 2018


Discovering profitable ICO investment opportunities is crucial for today’s savvy investor. With increasing interest in ICOs versus traditional venture capital and angel investment from startup companies, it is imperative for investors to know where their best opportunities are and how to capitalize on those opportunities.

Discovering reputable initial coin offerings now only allows you to maximize your deal flow, it helps cement your reputation as a trustworthy and knowledgeable investor. Investigate each of these ICOs for yourself to see which ones align with your investment thesis and which ones you think you will participate in before the token sale ends.

It is a phenomenal time to be an ICO investor and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Token sales like these allow you to grow your network and portfolio is an investor to be reckoned with.


Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, never invest (trade with) money you can’t afford to comfortably lose. Always do your own research and due diligence before investing in any cryptocurrency/ICO or placing a trade. Read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here.

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