6 Questions to be asked before choosing a blockchain app

Currently, a new model is being actively formed creating scalable and efficient applications, the foundations of which were laid by Bitcoin technology. Basically cryptographic transaction registration model with limited resources and peer-to-peer technologies.

These characteristics served as a starting point to create a new type of software – “decentralized applications”. These applications are only, in the beginning, to be highlighted. Nevertheless, today I will guide you on how to choose the best blockchain app. First, let’s see what makes blockchain apps so unique.

Bitcoin and Blockchain

Bitcoin is a useful tool for operational transfer of funds, but its largest value lies in the basic technology blockchain (chain of blocks), which for the first time in history made possible a decentralized consensus.

Blockchain (blockchain) is a database with a wide-scale replication of all transactions on the Bitcoin network. The chain of blocks uses the consensus mechanism (agreement) with the title “evidence of compliance work” (proof-of-work), preventing the problem of double spending on the Web, for decades persecuted cryptologists. The system is fully decentralized.

Decentralized or distributed app?

Distributed refers to a system in which calculations are distributed among several nodes. While decentralized systems have no nodes that control work of other nodes. Basically many stacks, such as Bitcoin, internally have a distributed architecture to speed up the computation, nevertheless, it is simultaneously decentralized, because in the event of a single node failure, the entire network can continue to work in normal mode. So when choosing your app make sure the system is either decentralized or mixed. It will really help to save your data.

Choose the app from known developer

This is the first rule you should keep in mind, while picking up the best Blockchain app. Yes, as simple as that. The developer with good reputation won’t be risky to make a scam app or make the app, which will be a disappointment for the audience. Moreover, developers with the experience will be able to provide you updates on time, so you won’t face any troubles in use.

Go through the feedback and ratings

 Most often the high rating of the application in the stores points out that the app is really good, useful and safe. Go through what users are telling about the app, but be careful. If the app has only positive feedback there is a high probability that the hackers are using Trojans to wind up their ratings. Be attentive and use your analytical skills. You will be rewarded with the best app.

Open source code or…

You will have to make a little bit of research. If you are dealing with the app with open code then you can easily understand whether the app is really decentralized. While the applications with closed source code require users to take on the belief that they are decentralized, and they do not need a centralized source of data. If you don’t feel being risky about your data, then go for the open code app.

Permissions the app requests

Usually, the developers are providing the information, which you have to grant permission to start using the app. In general, the danger is connected with the ability to collect data about you – contacts, personal files or location – and performing certain actions – recording using a camera or microphone, sending messages and so on. Well, ask yourself a question: “Do this app really need this information?” Blockchain initially was created as the anonymous system for the transactions. Now does it really make sense to get the application, which exposes your identity?

Crystal clear UI

Pay attention to the navigation in the app. It should be intuitively understandable and should keep you in the context of the task when you are navigating between screens. You should not have difficulty in perceiving information from the screen of the mobile application. Font and colours should be clear, the icons understandable. Well, if it’s not like that, keep on searching.

Does the app provide the great utility?

 Now you will have to go through the functions available in the application. Does it fulfill all your needs and requirements? Do the functions work in an expected way? Are there any crucial bugs/errors? If you have answered negatively on three question. My congratulations you have found the best blockchain app.


All these rules are united by one main thing – a conscious approach. Before you will start downloading the app ask a few questions from our checklist: Is the developer trustworthy? Are the permissions requested necessary for the app? Does the app fulfil the requirements? Is it comfortable in use? If you paid enough attention to these points, then it’s the best blockchain app for you.



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