8 Risks You Must Be Aware of Before Trading in Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency might be gaining mainstream appeal, but much like other new technologies, the average person isn’t aware of the all the risks involved. Most aren’t concerned with or even considering problems beyond issues associated with traditional trading, which puts them in a precarious position. Before you put down money, you need to read up and learn about the risks inherent in something as new and as volatile as digital currency.

Trading is Inherently Dangerous


Opportunity isn’t the only thing that comes with a brave new world; new dangers are right there with it. Bitcoin and the technologies associated with it are new, which means that there are a lot of unknowns, from which technologies will survive to which practices are optimal. What seems like a good idea right now might lead to failure down the line.


And technology isn’t the only thing that brings danger. Unscrupulous brokers and traders are looking for an opportunity to rob you of your money. If you think they can’t trick you, consider that there aren’t a lot of assumed practices and danger signs on which you can rely. The early days of widespread internet access were like this as well. What people can quickly identify as spam now was pervasive and hard to parse back then. You should consider Bitcoin and its associated technologies the same kind of mostly unregulated landscape.


Some Currencies Will Collapse


Much of the risks involved in crypto mirrors the risks that came with the Internet. Once, there was a veritable horde of companies that wanted to get a piece of the Web’s pie. Now, there are millions of dead companies who ran into it thinking that the bubble didn’t exist or that it would never burst.


Cryptocurrencies are no different. While their existence will change the world as a whole, many individual currencies and technologies will collapse. That isn’t even taking into account the numerous jokes and scams that will crop up due to how easy it is for anyone to make their currency. Before you commit, do your research.

It Can Still Be Stolen


Hackers have been a problem since people have used technology, and cryptocurrencies are just another thing they put at risk. Just because your money’s in digital form doesn’t make it entirely safe. It just means that you have a whole host of different dangers to consider. They don’t even have to attack your specific account; if they attack the company holding your virtual wallet, you could lose everything as a side effect of the company’s closure.


It’ll Require Tech Knowledge


The internet was once the domain of the technologically savvy. Now, those with a phone can go online and visit whatever site they want. Digital currency is currently in the former situation. While anyone can invest in it, understanding what makes it rise and fall, or even what gives it value, requires a level of expertise that not everyone has.


It’s this sharp difference in what’s required to participate and what’s required to understand cryptocurrencies that will cost a lot of people their hard-earned money. Until the way it works becomes common parlance, you will have to learn things yourself, and that won’t be easy. Unless you’re willing to put it the time and effort, trading in crypto might be something best left to others.


Crypto Value is Inherently Volatile


One of the most exciting things about cryptocurrency is how it has skyrocketed in 2017. Bitcoin reached a peak of 20 thousand dollars, which drew the attention of many would-be investors. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the first time that profit has blinded the average person, and it won’t be the last.


Cryptocurrencies are spectacularly volatile. Not only is that dangerous for your money, but it can also be bad for your nerves. It’ll take a steady hand to navigate crypto’s wild waters. If you don’t have one or react poorly to stressful situations, crypto might not be for you.


Government Intrusion


For many people, one of the best things about digital currency is the freedom it gives them. Since it is a trustless system, it doesn’t interact with or even require banks for transactions to occur. All the power is with you. Unfortunately, that might not last.


The more relevant cryptocurrencies become, the more likely it is that one government or bank will start imposing regulations. If you look closely, you’ll see that many banks have already begun dipping their toes into Bitcoin and its brothers, quietly buying their coins to secure their place in tomorrow’s transactions. What regulations will come and how they’ll affect the future of crypto is anyone’s best guess, casting a shadow on any investments and trades made.


Market Manipulation is Everywhere


Bitcoin and other currencies are mostly unregulated, which means that irresponsible and unethical practices are everywhere. Market manipulation is startlingly familiar, due to the relatively low number of hands involved and the fact that its value is mainly by fiat. While you can always respond to market changes, the fact that a group of people can determine your investment’s value by driving prices in the direction they want makes it challenging to decide when to sell and when to buy-in.


Where You Can Use/Spend Your Crypto may Change


For many people, money is not the endpoint. It’s merely a tool that represents their power to purchase the things they need and want in life. However, cryptocurrency’s use in that respect fluctuates just as much as its actual value.


Microsoft, Amazon, and Steam have all at one point supported cryptocurrency transactions, only to withdraw this support at one point. Before you invest, make sure that you’ll get to use it the way you want or need.


While these are far from the only risks and dangers associated with cryptocurrency investment and trading, they should give you a clear idea of what you face (to start). New hazards and issues will pop up as the technology grows widespread and develops. If you want to put money down on it, you need to be aware of these constant changes so you can keep your hard-earned capital safe.



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