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A Blockchain messaging platform that’s unstoppable
A talk about encryption and other security methods that are supposed to be keeping our data safe. Through blockchain, security has seen a dramatic increase in the protection of personal data, although having it’s own downsides.
Today’s instant messaging is about to get a violent shove forward by way of encryption, and Blockchain. Almost all messaging platforms rely on client to server communication, where a unique ID is given to a thread, and stored in a centralized database somewhere. But it’s always been volatile to censorship, network blocking, or any other form of controlled policing.

Unblock-able instant communication used to sound like a pipe dream, that is, until Blockchain technology came along. Imagine having a network that is unstoppable by any government, unbreakable to spy on, and just about impossible to breach.

Crypviser is a decentralized platform that does just this. The platform has no servers, no information on users. Neither email address nor mobile number is needed to use the service. All authentication is done Via Blockchain which completely eliminates the possibility for a Man In The Middle attack.

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