Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero prices surge – is the train leaving the station again?

Todd Rowan, President and CEO of, thinks so.“Bitcoin is the current engine pulling the crypto train,” said Rowan.“It seems to have found traction post-tax season selloffs; this is good for everyone.  Ethereum is finding strong support along with Ripple and others. Next week will tell us if we are leaving the station.  We could be off for another bull run.”

Ben WayCEO of also thinks so. For ICO’s with real value, that is. “The train has definitely left the station for entrepreneurs trying to do an ICO on the back of a napkin,” he says. “However just like the shakeout in the dot-com bust, the ICO’s with real value and real technology and concepts will be in good shape… this happens in almost every market at some point, next we will see the same in AI and Robotics.”

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