Bitflip Cryptocurrency Market & Trading Volume.

Exchange NameBitFlip
Volume (24H) $0.000000
0.000000 BTC
Coins Support17
Trading Pairs65
Alexa Rank401785
Top CountryIndia
Bitflip Cryptocurrency exchange 24 hours trading volume is $0.000000 (0.000000 BTC) This exchange supports 17 cryptocurrencies and 65 market trading pairs. According to Alexa website traffic analysis, this exchange website has 401785 rank worldwide. Its website is most popular in India with a Alexa rank of 69581

BitFlip is a new stock exchange that kick-started its operation on June, 17. It offers trading via a single account and does not provide trading on margin. Here, you need to go through identity verification before starting trading. Market makers pay 0.10% per trade and market takers are charged with 0.18%. On top of that, high-volume traders get discounts.

# Currency Pair Price Volume (24h) Updated
1RevainR/BTC$0.243080$80,259.0236 days
2BitcoinBTC/RUB$6,362.48$3,315.7236 days
3RevainR/RUB$0.221947$1,658.1036 days
4BitcoinBTC/USD$7,799.00$1,447.2236 days
5BitCoenBEN/BTC$0.064320$1,220.7836 days
6BitWhiteBTW/USD$0.011000$990.7536 days
7Russian Miner CoinRMC/BTC$1,982.72$818.8636 days
8BitWhiteBTW/RUB$0.008582$336.8036 days
9BitWhiteBTW/BTC$0.006396$319.7936 days
10XRPXRP/USD$0.63$252.4836 days
11DogecoinDOGE/USD$0.004090$218.9636 days
12LitecoinLTC/USD$65.99$208.9436 days
13EthereumETH/RUB$204.18$208.6436 days
14XRPXRP/RUB$0.490059$195.7236 days
15LitecoinLTC/BTC$55.33$139.9836 days
16DogecoinDOGE/RUB$0.003129$106.2336 days
17EthereumETH/BTC$192.10$36.5336 days
18XRPXRP/BTC$0.481073$34.1636 days
19TRONTRX/RUB$0.023112$24.1636 days
20BitCoenBEN/USD$0.080000$20.1136 days
21LindaLINDA/USD$0.002200$18.8436 days
22TRONTRX/USD$0.031000$9.7536 days
23XRPXRP/UAH$0.54$3.6136 days
24CasinoCoinCSC/RUB$0.000296$2.8236 days
25RevainR/USD$0.280000$2.8036 days
26FoodCoinFOOD/RUB$0.003847$0.15630036 days
27CasinoCoinCSC/USD$0.000400$0.10000036 days
28BitCoenBEN/RUB$0.088779$0.09320036 days
29FoodCoinFOOD/UAH$0.003581$0.03580036 days
30DogecoinDOGE/EUR$0.005126$0.00000036 days
31DogecoinDOGE/UAH$0.002149$0.00000036 days
32EthereumETH/EUR$260.43$0.00000036 days
33DashDASH/RUB$147.96$0.00000036 days
34DashDASH/USD$201.00$0.00000036 days
35Bitcoin GoldBTG/USD$42.50$0.00000036 days
36LindaLINDA/BTC$0.001599$0.00000036 days
37TRONTRX/BTC$0.025587$0.00000036 days
38REALREAL/RUB$0.088779$0.00000036 days
39EOSEOS/RUB$4.84$0.00000036 days
40EthereumETH/USD$232.81$0.00000036 days
41LitecoinLTC/RUB$49.58$0.00000036 days
42TRONTRX/UAH$0.029470$0.00000036 days
43CasinoCoinCSC/BTC$0.000384$0.00000036 days
44DogecoinDOGE/BTC$0.003326$0.00000036 days
45FoodCoinFOOD/USD$0.005500$0.00000036 days
46REALREAL/USD$0.120000$0.00000036 days
47Bitcoin GoldBTG/EUR$26.04$0.00000036 days
48EOSEOS/USD$5.60$0.00000036 days
49DashDASH/EUR$226.46$0.00000036 days
50EthereumETH/UAH$820.00$0.00000036 days
51BitWhiteBTW/EUR$0.015853$0.00000036 days
52DashDASH/UAH$9.02$0.00000036 days
53RevainR/EUR$0.451790$0.00000036 days
54BitcoinBTC/UAH$5,371.12$0.00000036 days
55BitcoinBTC/EUR$9,341.52$0.00000036 days
56BitWhiteBTW/UAH$0.012533$0.00000036 days
57RevainR/UAH$0.358075$0.00000036 days
58XRPXRP/EUR$0.63$0.00000036 days
59LitecoinLTC/UAH$53.71$0.00000036 days
60TRONTRX/EUR$0.028308$0.00000036 days
61DashDASH/BTC$159.98$0.00000036 days
62LitecoinLTC/EUR$83.79$0.00000036 days
63REALREAL/UAH$0.143230$0.00000036 days
64Bitcoin GoldBTG/RUB$35.51$0.00000036 days
65FoodCoinFOOD/EUR$0.006794$0.00000036 days

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