Bitsane Cryptocurrency Market & Trading Volume.

Exchange NameBitsane
Volume (24H) $7,870,154.33
1,227.22 BTC
Coins Support16
Trading Pairs47
Alexa Rank375317
Top CountryUnited States
Bitsane Cryptocurrency exchange 24 hours trading volume is $7,870,154.33 (1,227.22 BTC) This exchange supports 16 cryptocurrencies and 47 market trading pairs. According to Alexa website traffic analysis, this exchange website has 375317 rank worldwide. Its website is most popular in United States with a Alexa rank of 242482

Launched in 2016, Bitsane is a Dublin-based cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to freely trade between a number of different virtual currencies and fiat (USD and EUR). As of November 2017, Bitsane ranked at #124 spot in the list of the top cryptocurrency exchanges. All thanks to their 24 hour trading volume. As of now, it has got access to most popular pairs including BCH-BTC, and BCH-EUR.

# Currency Pair Price Volume (24h) Updated
1BitcoinBTC/EUR$6,359.36$1,886,264.4232 days
2XRPXRP/BTC$0.51$978,379.7232 days
3EthereumETH/BTC$210.42$800,632.1132 days
4XRPXRP/LTC$0.497193$647,695.8032 days
5XRPXRP/ETH$0.50$538,397.6632 days
6LitecoinLTC/BTC$51.15$532,014.5032 days
7LitecoinLTC/EUR$49.87$470,214.1932 days
8XRPXRP/EUR$0.50$438,736.4232 days
9EthereumETH/EUR$208.42$378,612.1732 days
10DashDASH/EUR$160.55$317,071.3232 days
11DashDASH/BTC$163.26$290,835.5232 days
12Bitcoin CashBCH/BTC$510.81$282,691.2632 days
13Bitcoin CashBCH/EUR$506.00$87,145.3932 days
14Ethereum ClassicETC/EUR$9.18$44,577.5632 days
15Ethereum ClassicETC/BTC$9.28$32,222.6832 days
16LitecoinLTC/ETH$50.81$21,504.4132 days
17DashDASH/ETH$162.62$17,542.1332 days
18XRPXRP/USD$0.52$16,686.5032 days
19LitecoinLTC/BCH$50.48$15,123.2732 days
20EthereumETH/BCH$212.15$11,300.0632 days
21BitcoinBTC/USD$6,654.06$9,947.2532 days
22LitecoinLTC/USD$52.97$6,447.7732 days
23XRPXRP/BCH$0.498436$5,824.9532 days
24AugurREP/ETH$13.94$5,816.1632 days
25Ethereum ClassicETC/ETH$9.14$4,352.5032 days
26XRPXRP/DASH$0.50$4,111.0132 days
27AugurREP/BTC$13.82$3,907.2632 days
28BitcoinBTC/DOGE$6,433.97$3,853.7132 days
29EthereumETH/USD$217.24$2,911.8532 days
30Bitcoin CashBCH/USD$546.62$2,869.5032 days
31NamecoinNMC/BTC$0.60$2,608.7332 days
32PeercoinPPC/BTC$1.40$2,282.5432 days
33GnosisGNO/ETH$19.22$2,215.9432 days
34VertcoinVTC/BTC$0.59$2,177.4032 days
35GnosisGNO/BTC$19.11$1,332.0132 days
36MelonMLN/ETH$13.19$1,303.8932 days
37ClamsCLAM/BTC$1.75$310.9932 days
38IconomiICN/BTC$0.362803$269.5538 days
39Bitcoin GoldBTG/EUR$11.73$127.2532 days
40Bitcoin GoldBTG/BTC$25.13$106.5232 days
41IconomiICN/ETH$0.352893$49.0138 days
42IconomiICN/EUR$0.356665$10.9038 days
43IconomiICN/DASH$0.339990$9.0238 days
44IconomiICN/LTC$0.370294$8.1538 days
45IconomiICN/BCH$0.352143$7.6038 days
46IconomiICN/XRP$0.362646$5.0738 days
47IconomiICN/USD$0.377000$3.2738 days

Merry Cryptmas and Happy New Year!
The temperature outside drops, so do our fees.
Fees will be reduced to 0.05%/0.1% from the 13th of December 2018 to the 13th of January 2019.
More info:

We would like to inform you that there are a lot of scam websites that are similar to Bitsane website.
Be aware that is the only one official website.
We strongly recommend you NOT to use or share Bitsane password with other websites for security reasons

Due to ICN delisting please make sure to transfer your ICN from Bitsane, as the withdrawals will be terminated on the 30 November 2018 23:59 UTC, otherwise your ICN will be automatically converted into ETH according to the exchange rates which is stated on

As we have reported before - accounts holding BCH prior to the Nov 15th fork have been credited with BCH(BCHABC) and BCHSV the equivalent amount of split tokens on a 1:1 basis.

Trading for BCH(BCHABC) and BCHSV is available now.

Deposits and withdrawals are still suspended.

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