Cryptonex Cryptocurrency Market & Trading Volume.

Exchange NameCryptonex
Volume (24H) $104,546,583.57
16,306.51 BTC
Coins Support3
Trading Pairs50
Alexa Rank487096
Top CountryUnited States
Cryptonex Cryptocurrency exchange 24 hours trading volume is $104,546,583.57 (16,306.51 BTC) This exchange supports 3 cryptocurrencies and 50 market trading pairs. According to Alexa website traffic analysis, this exchange website has 487096 rank worldwide. Its website is most popular in United States with a Alexa rank of 352759

Cryptonex is world's first blockchain acquiring platform. It enables you for easily convertible cryptocurrencyPayment system. It can be accessed by Web, mobile and desktop applications. Here, you can also buy or sell CNX on the exchanges HitBTC and Yobit.

# Currency Pair Price Volume (24h) Updated
1BitcoinBTC/USD$6,327.30$35,496,161.7128 days
2BitcoinBTC/EUR$6,585.14$21,561,179.4028 days
3EthereumETH/USD$216.44$9,854,946.3728 days
4EthereumETH/EUR$217.20$5,063,525.4628 days
5BitcoinBTC/RUB$6,557.26$3,489,334.9928 days
6BitcoinBTC/CNY$6,280.67$3,388,695.2928 days
7BitcoinBTC/KRW$6,324.49$2,526,897.9628 days
8BitcoinBTC/JPY$6,561.37$2,500,793.5128 days
9BitcoinBTC/INR$6,530.59$2,281,126.7028 days
10CryptonexCNX/BTC$1.90$1,701,171.9528 days
11BitcoinBTC/AED$6,274.66$1,413,378.4328 days
12BitcoinBTC/TRY$6,293.15$1,370,502.1628 days
13CryptonexCNX/ETH$1.89$1,353,831.3628 days
14BitcoinBTC/GBP$6,296.30$1,318,428.6728 days
15CryptonexCNX/USD$2.08$1,215,442.0228 days
16BitcoinBTC/VND$6,285.05$1,130,483.1328 days
17BitcoinBTC/BRL$6,284.95$975,961.3028 days
18CryptonexCNX/EUR$2.07$948,050.3728 days
19BitcoinBTC/UAH$6,533.60$927,875.8128 days
20BitcoinBTC/PLN$6,568.44$623,649.9328 days
21EthereumETH/CNY$207.80$540,371.9628 days
22BitcoinBTC/MYR$6,323.75$500,540.0628 days
23BitcoinBTC/COP$6,296.65$499,778.6928 days
24CryptonexCNX/RUB$1.91$487,324.7028 days
25CryptonexCNX/GBP$2.09$381,687.9628 days
26EthereumETH/KRW$208.70$356,382.1228 days
27EthereumETH/JPY$207.97$292,882.2128 days
28EthereumETH/INR$216.58$222,206.1928 days
29CryptonexCNX/BRL$1.90$200,143.6228 days
30EthereumETH/TRY$216.34$183,784.2028 days
31EthereumETH/GBP$207.71$172,336.0328 days
32CryptonexCNX/CNY$1.90$160,884.0428 days
33EthereumETH/AED$208.67$155,590.2628 days
34EthereumETH/RUB$216.63$146,952.5928 days
35EthereumETH/BRL$216.70$144,192.3128 days
36EthereumETH/VND$216.01$121,063.1028 days
37EthereumETH/UAH$207.96$105,995.2828 days
38CryptonexCNX/INR$1.89$90,239.6928 days
39EthereumETH/MYR$217.22$87,302.1628 days
40CryptonexCNX/KRW$2.09$74,114.0828 days
41EthereumETH/COP$207.68$72,203.1828 days
42EthereumETH/PLN$217.11$68,987.3628 days
43CryptonexCNX/JPY$1.90$57,739.0028 days
44CryptonexCNX/MYR$2.10$50,218.3528 days
45CryptonexCNX/TRY$1.88$49,123.0328 days
46CryptonexCNX/PLN$1.88$43,525.8228 days
47CryptonexCNX/VND$2.07$41,178.3028 days
48CryptonexCNX/COP$2.09$36,371.4028 days
49CryptonexCNX/AED$1.90$33,741.6228 days
50CryptonexCNX/UAH$1.89$28,287.7528 days

Cryptonex has started mobile application test.

In the coming few weeks, all Cryptonex users and the projects registered on the exchange will be given the opportunity to use the mobile application.

We will inform you about AppStore and GooglePlay testing completion.

Check transaction participant on the P2P Exchange

When making transactions on P2P Exchange, participants can see buyer or seller’s rating and rate after the transaction to change it.
It will help the community work only with reliable buyers and sellers!

Cryptonex announces start of work on Kolin Platform.

Kolin Platform will be available:
- on P2P Exchange
- in "Invoice" service
- in "Cards" service
- in "Multicurrency wallet" service

We'll announce start of Kolin Platform cryptocurrency support after listing work is finished

Multi-currency wallet became multi-addressed!

In your wallet you can create several addresses for each currency wallet, invoice to a specific address, track the receipts and create another address for another partner. The service is the next step in Merchant service development.

Cryptonex has launched a Telegram bot.

The bot helps users get acquainted with Cryptonex services without spending real currency. If you specify the address of your CNX demo wallet to the bot, it will send you the demo currency.
The bot address -

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