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Kyber Network
Kyber Network
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Exchange NameKyber Network
Volume (24H) $153,059.95
24.13 BTC
Coins Support59
Trading Pairs59
Alexa Rank164222
Top CountryJapan
Kybernetwork Cryptocurrency exchange 24 hours trading volume is $153,059.95 (24.13 BTC) This exchange supports 59 cryptocurrencies and 59 market trading pairs. According to Alexa website traffic analysis, this exchange website has 164222 rank worldwide. Its website is most popular in Japan with a Alexa rank of 38081

Kyber Network aims to bridge the gap between blockchain technology and real-world application by powering both users and businesses in the cryptosphere. They seek to widen and accelerate the adoption of the technology worldwide with their secured platform so that anyone can Convert and send tokens to anyone easily.

# Currency Pair Price Volume (24h) Updated
1DecentralandMANA/ETH$0.103453$27,303.5430 days
2Basic Attention TokenBAT/ETH$0.246601$20,586.8330 days
3Kyber NetworkKNC/ETH$0.356211$16,979.1030 days
4DaiDAI/ETH$1.01$16,400.5830 days
5ChainLinkLINK/ETH$0.60$11,508.3730 days
6Po.etPOE/ETH$0.012025$10,940.0330 days
7Digix Gold TokenDGX/ETH$40.19$7,594.8430 days
8MakerMKR/ETH$696.06$7,099.0430 days
9Request NetworkREQ/ETH$0.048934$4,183.8530 days
10Power LedgerPOWR/ETH$0.163697$3,399.9930 days
11Enjin CoinENJ/ETH$0.049575$3,048.4430 days
12TrueUSDTUSD/ETH$1.02$2,458.2530 days
13WAXWAX/ETH$0.111009$2,351.5530 days
14StormSTORM/ETH$0.008149$2,127.3630 days
15MidasProtocolMAS/ETH$0.015897$2,113.5530 days
16OmiseGOOMG/ETH$3.20$1,866.4530 days
17Republic ProtocolREN/ETH$0.037501$1,606.3430 days
18MosslandMOC/ETH$0.064579$1,460.5230 days
19BigbomBBO/ETH$0.002165$990.4130 days
20BancorBNT/ETH$1.29$825.1930 days
21Binance CoinBNB/ETH$9.16$810.8430 days
22StatusSNT/ETH$0.035385$624.9330 days
23AelfELF/ETH$0.301579$624.6730 days
24GiftoGTO/ETH$0.061186$615.5430 days
25SALTSALT/ETH$0.58$604.7130 days
26CivicCVC/ETH$0.129749$553.4430 days
27Ripio Credit NetworkRCN/ETH$0.031724$456.3630 days
28Olympus LabsMOT/ETH$0.122133$455.2530 days
29EnigmaENG/ETH$0.58$425.3530 days
30MetalMTL/ETH$0.59$413.0830 days
31QuarkChainQKC/ETH$0.051761$383.9930 days
32ZilliqaZIL/ETH$0.033301$377.3030 days
33Libra CreditLBA/ETH$0.057253$327.8930 days
34WETHWETH/ETH$206.64$276.7030 days
35WingsWINGS/ETH$0.174838$269.6130 days
36CoinFiCOFI/ETH$0.009910$247.7630 days
370xZRX/ETH$0.65$218.3330 days
38PolymathPOLY/ETH$0.234869$147.7830 days
39Electrify.AsiaELEC/ETH$0.012808$87.9330 days
40AirSwapAST/ETH$0.086934$83.0330 days
41DATADTA/ETH$0.002177$59.9430 days
42AeternityAE/ETH$1.12$35.3630 days
43SubstratumSUB/ETH$0.104520$31.4630 days
44AppCoinsAPPC/ETH$0.100420$21.3930 days
45DatumDAT/ETH$0.002989$20.5530 days
46IOSTIOST/ETH$0.011256$17.5530 days
47TenXPAY/ETH$0.54$10.1130 days
48TomoChainTOMO/ETH$0.405610$9.7030 days
49ETHLendLEND/ETH$0.018471$3.1030 days
50ArcblockABT/ETH$0.174550$2.0730 days
51Raiden Network TokenRDN/ETH$0.51$0.00000030 days
52PolicyPal NetworkPAL/ETH$0.011806$0.00000030 days
53AdExADX/ETH$0.205766$0.00000030 days
54AionAION/ETH$0.428447$0.00000044 days
55EthosETHOS/ETH$0.335584$0.00000030 days
56WaBiWABI/ETH$0.305411$0.00000030 days
57BluzelleBLZ/ETH$0.128084$0.00000030 days
58AugurREP/ETH$13.38$0.00000030 days
59Distributed Credit ChainDCC/ETH$0.003866$0.00000030 days

We had a blast at @ethsingapore ! In this hackathon, 16 teams built amazing projects with Kyber, and 2 were among the final 6 winners! 🏆 Read our recap here: #ETHSingapore #BUIDLwithKyber

Watch how KyberSwap allowed guests to buy beer 🍺 with #DAI at @MakerDAO ‘s Dappy Hour last week! #JustKyberSwap #cryptocurrency

Weasel, which lets you send a user DAI inside @ethstatus, but without having to own any DAI first. If you own ETH, Weasel trades it for DAI in the background using @KyberNetwork and recipient just receives DAI.

"Like all complex systems, the value of the decentralized space is emergent - it’s greater than the sum of its parts. Although current conditions are volatile, creating lasting utility will be key in ensuring long-term, sustainable value."
- @paradigmfdn

Check out our latest Tech Update! 🔧
✅ Permissionless Order Book Reserve
✅ Automated Market Maker Reserve
✅ WBTC Progress
✅ Trading Enhancements
✅ Development of WooCommerce Plugin

and other interesting news! #BUIDLwithKyber

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