Five Cryptocurrency Career Opportunities in 2018

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Looking out for cryptocurrency jobs?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain skills are in huge demand in 2018, in initial coin offerings and established cryptocurrencies — or for blockchain applications in non-crypto enterprises. Just ten years after the advent of Bitcoin, opportunities abound in the “crypto space” for those with technical and non-technical skills.

General skills required to benefit from the growth and adoption of cryptocurrency transfer well from other industries and sectors. What’s most needed in this fast-growing field are professionals who are both well-versed in cryptocurrency technology and enthusiastic about its potential.


Career opportunities in cryptocurrency

Job seekers can select from these five high-potential cryptocurrency opportunities in 2018 based on individual interests and abilities.


Content creators

As with any industry, talented writers are needed to describe the technology, economic potential, and future outlook. Website pages need to be created and regular blog articles posted. Investment analyses need to be reported and press releases worked up to trumpet potential in the “cryptocurrency investment ecosystem.”

Beyond strong writing skills, successful candidates need to be well-versed in the related technology, regulation environment, and economic opportunity. Most important is the ability to take complex technical issues and explain them simply to non-technical audiences in engaging ways.



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Investment analysts

Experts in “cryptographic assets” are sought throughout the industry, with ideal candidates having the ability to:

  • Understand blockchain technologies, cryptography, smart contract scripting, and crypto-economics.
  • Identify and track emerging technologies and unconventional trends.
  • Aggregate information from a variety of sources (old and new).
  • Draw informed conclusions from incomplete information.

Investment analysts bridge the informational gap between technical and investment teams, informing each in the terms it understands. The degree of passion about the technology and its future impact distinguishes one candidate from another.


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Novice and experienced cryptocurrency traders are being hired to exploit financial advantage in rapidly transforming markets in crypto-asset, ICO, and blockchain spaces. Specific sector financial portfolios include:

  • Digital assets
  • Trading and mining products
  • Exchange services, and
  • Hardware wallets

Crypto enthusiasts, reporters, and even bloggers can find success in this career direction if they have the requisite passion to learn designated trading and marketing systems. An entrepreneurial spirit and drive to win regardless of current market conditions are keys to success on the personal level.



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Web developers

Crypto-enterprises seek experienced front-end developers for creating cryptocurrency, wallet, and exchange services. Web developers are being hired to scale up web-based cryptocurrency charting and trading platforms — or to develop related informational hubs.


Web developer responsibilities generally consist of:

  • Developing efficient and complex user interfaces (UI/UX).
  • Maintaining a well-organized codebase of components.
  • Structuring web pages that optimize for load time.
  • Collaborating with backend engineers.

A technically-adept person with the ability to write engaging web content that sells can earn a spot in the crypto-space until specific familiarity and knowledge develop.



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Numerous highly-technical positions in the cryptocurrency field exist in back-end development. Proficiency is expected in computer languages compatible with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Hard computing skills in demand tend to include:

  • Programming facility with languages such as Java, Python, C/C++, etc.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning experience.
  • Linux operating system familiarity.

Practice using the IBM Blockchain Platform or Amazon Web Services Blockchain Partners Portal is considered a plus. Because crypto developers often enter on the ground floor of rapidly-growing and transforming operations, the required developer programming language “stack” tends to be in constant flux.

While some crypto-related enterprises demand years of specific experience, others are comfortable hiring “self-made hackers” with limited blockchain exposure.


Advantages of careers in cryptocurrency

The advantages of seeking professional opportunities in a cryptocurrency startup include:

  • Higher earnings — cryptocurrency startup salaries generally exceed industry averages by 10-20%.
  • Remote flexibility — working in cryptocurrency enhances the chance of working remotely.
  • Liquidity — cryptocurrency given to employees as equity in crypto-startups are essentially liquid upon payment (restrictions apply).

No matter the level of crypto-related skills — whether non-technical or technical — professional success can be found in the rapidly-growing cryptocurrency field. What matters most is a willingness to learn and adapt to ongoing change and a passion for a cryptocurrency future.



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