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On 2nd of August, the world’s leading crypto asset exchange — Huobi held Huobi Carnival in Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Hotel. Origo.Network was invited to deliver a Speech on Privacy in Blockchain during the Huobi Investors Night.

The event provided a platform for discussion and consultation between the local Korean market and the global project foundations. It also offered real-time consulting services for the Korean project side. The agenda includes six in-depth penal sessions in order to discuss technical development, community, the public chain and capital and more.

Jihan Wu of BITMAIN, Jun Du of Huobi Capital, Dong Zhao of Dfund and other leaders of global were invited to the carnival. The top management of Huobi was involved in every session of the carnival. Yuming Yuan, President of Huobi research institute, gave the speech on the institute’s cognition of the industry. In the speech, he pointed out that privacy is one of the bottlenecks in blockchain technology.

During the Huobi Investors Night on the 2nd of August Origo.Network was invited to give a speech on privacy protection in the blockchain. The speech pointed out that privacy is still of primary concern to citizens and legislators around the world , such as promulgation of GDPR and California Consumer Act. Bitcoin’s unprecedented transparency exposes our transaction and financial records on the blockchain network and we all know that Monero, Dash, and ZCash worked to solve that problem by providing private transaction features. It’s not enough to protect the privacy of smart contract details. Origo Network is powered by Zero-knowledge proof to protect the privacy of all the smart contract on the blockchain. That is why Origo fans like to describe our project Origo like this Origo equals Ethereum plus Zcash.

In the past three months, Origo.Network have reached a global community with more than 110K supporters and more than 70K whitelist participants. Moreover, it has started business development with more than 15 companies/projects across 8 different countries.

Origo is Privacy”. There is no doubt that Origo will bring a new revolution in blockchain world.


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