6 Questions to be asked before choosing a blockchain app

Currently, a new model is being actively formed creating scalable and efficient applications, the foundations of which were laid by Bitcoin technology. Basically cryptographic transaction registration model with limited resources and peer-to-peer technologies. These characteristics served as a starting point…

8 Things to Consider Before Hopping on the Blockchain Train

While blockchain holds great promise for some applications, companies have to understand the various challenges.
Blockchain is likened to the Internet in terms of its ability to boost a business’s reach and reduce expenses. This has positive connotations, but as a new technology, it’s often misunderstood. Just as companies with no use for the online world sought to establish a website during the dot com boom, a similar pattern is emerging of businesses piling into blockchain for all the wrong reasons.

Blockchain isn’t the only tech behind Bitcoin

At the Blockchain Africa Conference held in Johannesburg, South Africa, prominent bitcoin and security expert Andreas Antonopoulos criticized banks and technology firms for treating the term “blockchain” as interchangeable with public blockchain networks – bitcoin in particular.

This is highly erroneous because the blockchain is just one of many technologies that supplement the bitcoin network and allow it to function as a decentralized, distributed, and peer-to-peer financial network.

Blockchain isn’t the only tech behind Bitcoin

Early sharing economy enthusiasts had a clear vision for the peer-to-peer marketplace: path towards sustainability, empowerment of individuals, and new job opportunities for the disadvantaged. However, the sharing economy’s giants such as Uber and Airbnb quickly overtook the marketplace, painting a vastly different picture.

While they provide convenience and efficiency, there’s a price to pay: low wages and job insecurity. As a result, we’ve seen a number of workers across the globe take it to the streets to voice their dissatisfaction with unfair work practices.

Bitcoin – Floored or More to Go?

Bitcoin managed to shake off some of the cobwebs on Saturday, rising by 1.61% to end the day at $6,950, the gains coming as its closest rivals languished in the red for the day, or very close to it.

The uptick may not have reversed the bearish trend formed back on 21st March, but brings some much needed respite, with Saturday’s rise leaving Bitcoin down 17.8% from Monday’s open through to Saturday’s day end. For the quarter and for those who jumped into Bitcoin on the back of the December rally, Bitcoin was down 63% for the 1st quarter.

How Blockchain is Providing Travelers With More Authentic Experiences

These experiences are precious – not to mention that in order to travel, we must take time away from work, from family, from responsibility.

Therefore, the pressure to wring every bit of richness out of a travel experience can be high. In a world literally full of McDonalds and Starbucks, grasping the authenticity of a new place can be a challenge – it can be nearly impossible to discover the soul of a city without someone who knows where to find it already.

As the cost of actually getting somewhere continues to decrease, the possibility of travel has been opened up to new groups of people. Millenials and Gen-Z travelers who would have had to pay small fortunes for plane tickets and hotel rooms in the past can now snag weekend bare-fare deals and rest their heads in quaint, inexpensive AirBnbs.

Crypto & Blockchain Working Group to Be Established by Irish Department of Finance By Cryptovest

The Government of Ireland’s Department of Finance released, on March 22, a discussion paper on virtual currencies and blockchain technology. The paper was partly a response to parliamentary questions, but also a first step toward inter-agency talks on formulating Ireland’s government policy on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

While no recommendations were made regarding cryptocurrencies themselves, the discussion paper does give a sense of how the Department of Finance sees cryptocurrencies within the Irish context.