Why give Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Roger Ver a Chance?

Over the summer of 2017, there was a big battle brewing in the world of cryptocurrency. With the latest hard fork on the horizon, Bitcoin investors were nervously awaiting the creation of the new Bitcoin Cash. Some investors saw the…

Bitcoin Cash gets a boost after being added to London Block Exchange

Bitcoin cash was up more than 7%, outpacing other major cryptocurrencies, Wednesday morning after London Block Exchange said it would support trading of the fourth-largest cryptocurrency.

“As we open our doors to UK crypto enthusiasts, we’re listening and acting on what the community wants – and that’s an array of good quality coin options to trade; all backed by a reliable, comprehensive and user-friendly service that they can trust,” Benjamin Dives, CEO of the exchange, said in a press release.

The exchange also said it would support Ethereum classic, currently the 15th largest cryptocurrency, which split from the flagship ethereum in July 2015. The cryptocurrency was up 0.8% Wednesday morning.

Bitcoin Cash price analysis: BCH/USD at $670, Twitter closed BCH-promoting account

Bitcoin Cash is up over 11% from Friday’s low. The coin touched ultimate support $600.00 before the recovery mood set in. There are no clear BCH-specific triggers that might have caused the upside, but there are some reasons for extended sell-off once the correction is over.

Twitter blocked BCH-promoting @Bitcoin account on Friday, April 8, possibly due to a large number of complaints. This event triggered a heated discussion both on Twitter and on Reddit threads. While Bitcoin supporters rejoice, BCH proponents are infuriated.

Bitcoin Cash price analysis: BCH/USD gaining traction as “eat BCH” charity program in Venezuela feeds the citizens and their children

Bitcoin Cash price failed to gain enough momentum to propel it above $720 but instead embarked on a downside movement only to find support at $680 level. BCH/USD is currently gaining traction towards $700 level; however, there is a growing resistance at $695 zone.

In other news related to Bitcoin Cash, there is an ongoing P2P electronic cash-to-food system in Venezuela dubbed “eat BCH” that is revolutionizing charity and feeding the needy. The program is organized by a group of like-minded individuals and has been getting a lot of BCH to go towards feeding the citizens and their children.

Adding Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin Is Main Goal of 2018 for Gemini Exchange

The founders of the New York licensed digital asset trading venue Gemini Exchange, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, have revealed that adding new cryptocurrency options are high on the company’s agenda this year with bitcoin cash and litecoin at the top of the list. The exchange already offers bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH) and by listing BCH and LTC pairs it will cover four out of the five top cryptocurrencies by total market cap with only Ripple’s XRP excluded.