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Blockchain May Be Fueling The Green Energy Revolution

Technology plays an important role in the welfare of humans as well as the earth. Nowadays, people live longer than before because of the introduction of new and advanced medical procedures. Apart from this, technology can also save the environment…

The World of Blockchain-Enabled Travel Accommodations –

Shutterstock photoBy Michael ScottFor many people worldwide, opportunities for travel have become their raison d’être. But these nomadic explorations often entail booking a hotel stay or other form of lodging accommodation, which can easily put a damper on the carefree sense of adventure that travelers are seeking.In recent years, Airbnb has become a popular online destination for those seeking vacation rentals, apartment housing, homestays, hostel beds or hotel rooms. Recently, a new startup known as CryptoCribs has entered this competitive space, providing travelers with a direct marketplace where they can pay for their stays in cryptocurrency.Take a quick glance at the CryptoCribs website and you’ll see that it yields a similar look to that of Airbnb. The homepage is emblazoned with pictures and descriptions of rental option listings throughout the world. Yet the philosophy of the two companies couldn’t be more different. The biggest distinguishing factor? CryptoCribs makes use of blockchain technology to run a decentralized data network. This means that landlords and tenants on the ecosystem have ownership of the database, as well as a voice as to how the platform is managed.

Blockchain is likely to advance the internet of things—and robot rights.

On March 6, 2016, a small drone belonging to the open-source software company Drone Employee lifted into the Russian sky, traveling across an open field of white snow. Drone flight is relatively unremarkable today, but this particular drone wasn’t controlled by anyone. Brought to life by a predetermined agreement, or “smart contract,” running on the Ethereum blockchain, the drone’s engines powered on and it lifted itself into the air, taking a flight path dictated—only and exclusively—by code. The smart contract controlled the drone’s trajectory, without the need for a middleman with a remote to manage the device. Once started, the code governing the drone could not be stopped. If the smart contract had directed the drone to fly into a building or to head straight for a person, there would be no way for anyone to change its direction or stop the flight without physically disabling the drone or modifying the blockchain.

Why Kenya hopes blockchain can end land grabbing

Information Minister Joseph Mucheru, the man who the team will report to, says that, among other uses, blockchain could help organise land records stored by the government, which are a constant source of frustration for people who want to buy, sell or verify information about land.

Possessing a title deed in Kenya does not necessarily guarantee ownership because fraudsters in cahoots with land officials have been known to change land records.

In fact, to buttress their land ownership claims beyond having a certificate, many Kenyans paint “This Land Is Not For Sale” on their property to warn off potential land grabbers.

How Blockchain Will Disrupt the Future of Social Media Influencers – Adweek

Are you ready to find out how blockchain, the emerging digital currency, is set to rock the world of social media influencers?

Before we go any further, consider this: Influencers can shift a brand’s image from obscurity into the limelight. With the right tactics, they have the power to grow your brand and double or triple sales beyond expectations. How? They’re highly engaged on social media, have established audiences and are the authorities in their industries.

The bottom line is, when an influencer spread the word about a company, it grows. In essence, they entice consumers to jump on the bandwagon by using social stimulation—also known as word-of-mouth, viral social media marketing.

This survey found that 84 percent of businesses plan to use influencers as part of their future marketing campaigns.

Future spacecraft could think for themselves using the Blockchain technology that powers Ethereum

A $330,000 NASA autonomous spacecraft will be able to make decisions without human intervention by using blockchain technology. This means that the spacecraft could be able to dodge space debris at a distant planet or moon, faster than a human on earth could help out the far-away probe.

The research project is in its early stages, it would be especially useful in deep-space environments, where spacecraft communicating back to Earth must currently wait for hours for a response. Instead, this technology would work to enable the spacecraft to perform tasks using blockchain technology.

Will blockchain disrupt the video game monopoly from Tencent –

Ten years ago, a 14-year-old Russian kid was obsessed with World of Warcraft and his favorite class in the game is warlock. Unfortunately, one day, Blizzard, the developer of the game cancelled warlock’s Life Siphon spell. The boy is furious about this update and he send multiple emails to complain and request Blizzard to restore the spell. Blizzard said no.

For those who are familiar with World of Warcraft, Blizzard is the supreme god and the only rule maker of this game. If you are not satisfied with his patches, you can either live with it, or you can just quit.

8 Things to Consider Before Hopping on the Blockchain Train

While blockchain holds great promise for some applications, companies have to understand the various challenges.
Blockchain is likened to the Internet in terms of its ability to boost a business’s reach and reduce expenses. This has positive connotations, but as a new technology, it’s often misunderstood. Just as companies with no use for the online world sought to establish a website during the dot com boom, a similar pattern is emerging of businesses piling into blockchain for all the wrong reasons.