5 Best ICOs To Consider This Fall 2018

To say the initial coin offering sector is hot right now would be the understatement of 2018. Companies are raising millions in funding via ICOs. This move to raising funding via an initial coin offering is causing traditional investment firms…

Cardonio – Led by a Team of Experienced Industry Experts

Cardonio’s avowed mission as a financial service-provider is to “create a ‘first-of-its-kind’ reputable financial product that will greatly improve the lives of people around the world while at the same time-saving consumers’ money on everyday purchases and transactions”. These are…

Square Traded $34.1M in Bitcoin in Its First 4 Months

Data from the company, which it published this week, shows its Cash app shifting $34.1 million in BTC, having spent $33.9 million purchasing the cryptocurrency to begin its offering.

The figures make interesting reading in the year when the cryptocurrency exchange sector has become renowned for its ability to generate huge profits from trading fees.

From South Korea, where regulators have demanded backdated tax payments from exchanges that raked in hundreds of millions of dollars since 2017, to Binance’s $200 million gains in Q1 this year, businesses are capitalizing on user thirst for crypto.

Square’s setup remains relatively small-scale, the Cash app holding client funds on their behalf and only permitting $10,000 of purchases per user per week.

Issuing An ICO In The US? —One Company’s Experience |

If you’ve been reading the crypto news lately, you might have seen that ICOs are getting some bad press in the US, with many people, including regulators, considering them potentially illegal securities and exposing them to heavy scrutiny from regulators.

In a prepared statement to Congress on February 6, 2018, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said “When investors are offered and sold securities — which to date ICOs have largely been — they are entitled to the benefits of state and federal securities laws and sellers and other market participants must follow these laws.” Strong words from the head of the worlds most influential securities regulatory body.

You might be considering creating your own ICO. Perhaps you have an idea for an innovative blockchain application, or are intrigued by a Kickstarter-like alternative to raise money for your company and / or project. Maybe you’ve heard that raising an ICO is a path to easy money. While this might have previously been the case, if you are based in the US and want to follow all applicable laws, it’s now a much more difficult journey. But it is possible. In the spirit of open source code that is the foundation of blockchain technology, we figured we would share some of our observations and experiences with the world.

Blockchain regulatory view from within China –

Huo Xuewen, director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work has fired 9 acute questions toward Bitcoin, blockchain and ICO in a Fintech meetup recently. He tried to explore the fundamentals and values of this technology.

Mr. Huo said that now that investors care only for making profits in ICO and nobody cares about the values behind this innovative mechanism. And since most of the trades of cryptocurrency rely on centralized exchanges, the digital assets are still threatened by traditional risks.