Jack Dorsey

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey​: Why Bitcoin will become the world’s dominant currency

There are a few things that Jack Dorsey is happy to talk about, and several that he is not. One of Silicon Valley’s most high-profile entrepreneurs, the 41-year-old founder and chief executive of both the microblogging service Twitter and the payments company Square is not one for personal chit chat. Perhaps running two companies does not give him the time.

At a public event in London earlier this month, Dorsey was asked a series of quick-fire, light-hearted questions by his interlocutor. “Savoury or sweet?” – that sort of thing. Nothing controversial, but Dorsey declines to be put on the spot.

“Both,” Dorsey says in response to the question about his culinary tastes. The interviewer tries again: “Cats or dogs?” Once again, Dorsey responds “both”, before eventually saying that he keeps chinchillas.