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What Does the Current Crypto Capitulation Mean?

What Does the Current Crypto Capitulation Mean? The cryptocurrency market recently went through yet another crash. This time, Bitcoin is to blame. While finding the culprit is easy, determining the impact of capitulation on the future of cryptocurrency is slightly…

Bitcoin Daily Technical Analysis – 6501$ (Neutral)

Daily candle rejected at 100 MA, we need to stay above the cyan line(8EMA) to continue the rally. We need to close above 6545$ will see more upside bullishness. Close below 6425$ will invalidates will see more downward movement. Conclusion:…

Bitcoin Rises as Biggest Asset Manager Studies Crypto Technology

Bitcoin headed for its largest increase in two weeks on Monday, as BlackRock Inc. became the latest big name to signal an interest in the technology underpinning digital currencies.The biggest crypto-coin advanced 5.5 percent to $6,525 as of 6:51 a.m. in New York, according to composite prices on Bloomberg. Rival coins Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin all climbed at least 5 percent. Bitcoin hasn’t notched a one-day gain of more than 2 percent since July 2.

Did the Bears Leave Bitcoin?

There is a constant struggle in any investment market between the bulls, a term associated with a rising market, and the bears, a term associated with a declining market. When bears flock to a market, it can mean one thing:…

‘Slo-Mo Credit Crunch’ Has Already Taken Hold, Bond Guru Says

Stock market selloffs, volatility blow-ups, collapsing crypto currencies. They’re all the symptoms of an unfolding global credit squeeze, according to famed HSBC Holdings Plc bond guru Steven Major. It just happens to be developing at a snail’s pace.Major and his team see what they call a “long list” of selloffs in risk market across the world as evidence of the disruption wrought by tighter dollar liquidity. In response they’ve slashed their forecast for bund yields, turned more bearish on credit and become even more cautious on emerging-market debt.“Market participants are typically looking for validation of a forecast from cyclical data or one-off events but the reality can be different,” the bank’s global head of fixed-income research wrote in a note on Wednesday. “We appear to be in the midst of a slow-motion credit crunch.”

The Bitcoin Price Leapt Twice In Four Days — These Are The Things Pushing It Up

The bitcoin price has leapt twice in the last four days, taking it up more than 10 percent at one point to just over $6,600 after the price wallowed under $6,000 for most of last week.While some on forums Bitcoin Talk and Reddit’s r/Bitcoin are celebrating a return to a bull market, others are more sceptical — and expect the bears to come out again soon after months of sinking prices for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.Here are a few things that are potentially moving the price, and why it might not mean the bitcoin price holds above the psychological $6,000 mark for long.

Bitcoin Price Manipulation Fueled Top Cryptocurrency’s 2017 Rally: Report

Bitcoin’s meteoric price spikes in 2017 were fueled by market manipulation and not merely investor enthusiasm. That’s the conclusion of University of Texas finance professor John Griffin.In his 66-page research paper entitled Is Bitcoin Really Un-Tethered?, Griffin said at least 50 percent of the increase in bitcoin prices in 2017 was manipulated using tether, another cryptocurrency pegged to the U.S. dollar.Professor Griffin, who specializes in spotting financial fraud, said circumstantial evidence suggests there was coordinated price manipulation designed to keep bitcoin prices artificially high.