An Inside Look Into Tether, Legit or Major Scam?

There is a particular mystery relating to this “shady” digital token called Tether. People are asking, does the reported $814 million digital token called Tether actually exist? Is it legit or a major scam? What is its connection with BitFinex,…

Epcor warns of Bitcoin scam targeting small businesses

Epcor has a warning for customers after receiving complaints that at least two small businesses fell for a phone scam.

Small businesses have been receiving calls from someone pretending to be from Epcor, saying their power will be shut off — within the hour — if they don’t hand over a certain amount of bitcoins.

The biggest cryptocurrency scam in the world

Cryptocurrencies are mostly unregulated at the moment, with vaporware projects competing against revolutionary technologies like Bitcoin and Ethereum for investment.

This is evident in the case of BitConnect – which is the 25th biggest cryptocurrency in the world and has a market capitalisation of over $2 billion.

The cryptocurrency was found to be engaging in fraud and the company behind the currency has been served a Cease and Desist order by the Texas State Securities Board.

The emergency cease and desist order was issued on 4 January and states that BitConnect is engaging in fraud and misleading investors.