Everything you need to know about buying BTC with USD

The Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has a complete grip over the cryptocurrency market worldwide where it is accounted in the list of best cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency on the planet based on the market capital and…

Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Maker Ledger Raises $75 Million from VC Investors – Bitcoin News

Good news for everyone that has been trying to get their hands on a hardware wallet but found retailers to be completely out of stock in your area – the situation has urged investors to step in and the shortage might be addressed soon. Bitcoin hardware wallet maker Ledger has secured an extra $75 million to expand its production capabilities, in one of the largest VC investments in the space to date.

Celsius to replace traditional future exchanges like CME and CBOT with crypto lenders

“Celsius, a blockchain powered lending and borrowing platform, just announced that it aims to replace big banks and futures exchanges, like the CME and CBOT, with crypto coin holders who will earn returns through lending. Using its platform, which will launch in Q1 2018, Celsius members can easily borrow coins at significantly reduced rates compared to traditional financial institutions, while lenders can earn automatic interest by holding coins in the Celsius Wallet.

Dubbed as “The Wallet That Pays Back”, registrants who deposit coins into the Celsius Wallet will receive up to 7% per year on loaned coins.