The World of Blockchain-Enabled Travel Accommodations –

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By Michael Scott

For many people worldwide, opportunities for travel have become their raison d’être. But these nomadic explorations often entail booking a hotel stay or other form of lodging accommodation, which can easily put a damper on the carefree sense of adventure that travelers are seeking.

In recent years, Airbnb has become a popular online destination for those seeking vacation rentals, apartment housing, homestays, hostel beds or hotel rooms. Recently, a new startup known as CryptoCribs has entered this competitive space, providing travelers with a direct marketplace where they can pay for their stays in cryptocurrency.

Take a quick glance at the CryptoCribs website and you’ll see that it yields a similar look to that of Airbnb. The homepage is emblazoned with pictures and descriptions of rental option listings throughout the world. Yet the philosophy of the two companies couldn’t be more different. The biggest distinguishing factor? CryptoCribs makes use of blockchain technology to run a decentralized data network. This means that landlords and tenants on the ecosystem have ownership of the database, as well as a voice as to how the platform is managed.

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