What is Blockchain Technology? – Interesting Facts

Infographic about Blockchain Technology


Blockchain technology is regularly connected with bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies, however, that is only a hint of the iceberg. A few people think blockchain could finish up transforming a number of significant businesses, from politics to health care.

The entire blockchain is held on this huge network of computers, implying that nobody individual has control over its history. That is a significant part because it certifies everything that has occurred in the chain earlier. The Blockchain is a distributed, encrypted database that records information, or in simple meaning, it is a digital record of any exchanges, contracts – that should be freely recorded. This Infographic from Fullestop is a look at the basics of blockchain technology.

Revolution in Monetary world

Money is not banknotes and coin. Money is whatever people are eager to use in order to speak to efficiently the estimation of different things for the purpose of exchanging services and goods.

As the first digital currency, Bitcoin has early-stage value and reputation. It additionally set the phase for what a decentralized currency ought to resemble and demonstrated that the concept can, in fact, work. Within ten years, it turned into a worldwide experiment.

Max Keiser has long been a Bitcoin bull, discovering first about the digital currency or cryptocurrency during its earliest blocks. Keiser noticed that “when you talk about clients (customers) prevailing upon the monoliths, plutocrats and the corporations, I feel that Bitcoin is the currency of opposition.

Key Features about Blockchain

Before we dive deep into understanding the subtleties of Blockchain, it is great to know certain key features of this innovation:

  • Blockchain is a circulated digital ledger which tracks a record of transactions. A transaction could be a development of currency, goods or data.
  • A set of approved transactions gets added to the Blockchain as a block. Every one of the blocks is connected to one another framing a chain of sorts, consequently the name.
  • Once added to the Blockchain, a transaction can’t be changed under any situation.
  • A Blockchain has a system of computers called hubs or nodes; every node has a duplicate copy of the whole Blockchain.
  • There is no executive hub in Blockchain network. Every one of the nodes can approve a transaction but no node can change


Blockchain is shaping the World around us: Applications of Blockchain


Payments: Cross-Border Payments

The worldwide payments sector is error- inclined, open to money laundering, and costly. It takes days if not longer for cash to cross the world. The blockchain is as of now giving solutions with remittance organizations such as Align Commerce, Bitspark and Abra that provide end-to-end blockchain powered remittance services.


Smart Property

An intangible or tangible property, such as houses, cars, or cookers, on the one hand, or property titles, patents, or company shares, on the other, can have brilliant technology inserted in them.


Blockchain Healthcare

Personal health records could be encoded and put away on the blockchain with a private key which would grant access just to specific people. The ledger could be utilized for general health care management, such as managing healthcare supplies, testing results, regulation compliance and supervising drugs.


Smart Appliances

A smart appliance is a gadget that interfaces with the internet and gives you more control and information than before. Encrypting these apparatuses on the blockchain enables transferability and ensures your ownership.


Article & Infographic contributed by  FulleStop

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